Tuesday, 3 January 2012

What I've learned since buying a house

Since buying a house and having to decorate it I've learned a lot about how it feels to be a home ower as well as about DIY. Here are a few things I've learnt in the last two weeks.

  • When painting a room work from the top down. Do the ceiling and coving followed by walls then skirting boards.
  • You have to gloss a skirting board (no emulsion allowed) and there's lots of sanding involved
  • Buy good value gloss that dries quickly
  • We need a drill
  • I like cleaning a house I own
  • Owning a house is exhausting
  • Wired networks are exciting
  • I like black feature walls and lots of grey
  • I LOVE cooking
  • I'm better at glossing skirting boards than Ben is
  • Painting is much easier when the parents visit and all I have to do is make tea and lunch


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