Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The end of the Christmas baking

Last post I introduced you to phase one of the Christmas baking. That was just the trial run. On Christmas Eve we spent all day cooking. We made, more or less, the same things as shown in the previous post and luckily it went rather well.

Benny rolling out the peppermint creme dough
We ended up using roughly more than 2 kilos of icing sugar


To make approximately 400 peppermint cremes you need six egg whites and a lot of icing sugar. We used about 2.5 kilos.

Pop the egg whites in a bowl then slowly add sifted icing sugar. Once it starts to come together add a little peppermint essence. About two cap fulls from a small bottle should suffice but feel free to taste it and add more if you want to. Keep mixing and adding until it begins to form a stiff dough. If it's sticky add more sugar.

Once it's in dough form you should be able to roll it out. We split it in two and added green food colouring to one half. This just made our Christmas bags of cremes look a little more interesting once we were done. 

Cover a flat surface with icing sugar so the dough doesn't stick and roll until it's around 5mm - 1cm thick. Then cut it out into pretty shapes. Pop the finished shapes onto grease-proof paper and leave to dry for around 24 hours.

We cut out some stars, holly leaves, circles and hearts.
I have to say, we didn't allow ours to stand for that long as we were in a rush to get them bagged up. In our warm kitchen they seemed hard enough within eight or so hours.

The green peppermint dough
We originally found a recipe for peppermint cremes that said to add double cream. Ben was adamant that his mum, who makes fantastic everything, didn't use cream. He was right so we omitted that ingredient and went with the above recipe which comes entirely from her!

Cheese biscuits
For this bout of cheese biscuit creation we doubled our original recipe to 200g cheddar cheese, 200g flour and 200g butter. That made around 70, a mixture between the big paprika'd ones and the little ones.

We normally really struggle with honeycomb but on attempt eight it went right. The perfect amount of crunch, sweetness and stickiness. 

The honeycomb went perfectly!
Our bagged up snowballs
The finished product filled with cheese biscuits, peppermint cremes, snowball cookies and honeycomb!


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