Friday, 18 November 2011

Finding The House and knowing

I think house hunting is different for everyone. Some people see it as a chore, while others revel in it. I'm in the latter group whereas the boyf finds it dull. I have no idea why. For me, searching for a house is the most exciting thing in the world.

I'm very emotionally led when it comes to making decisions and for this reason I wasn't too worried about looking for a house. I just wanted to look at as many as possible because I was sure that when I'd found the right one I would just know.

Even Ben, who is all about being sensible and logical, stepped into that house and just looked at me as if he knew it was the one for us. He denied it later but I could see it. We both knew and that feeling, plus the fact that The House (minus the blue carpet and orange wall) was perfect, led us to putting an offer in.

There are two things you need to ask yourself:
  1. Do I like it?
  2. Could I see myself living here?
If the answer is yes to both then listen to your heart and really think about what you are feeling. I wouldn't worry too much about trying to make lists of pros and cons or over analysing every detail. If you like the house hold onto the feeling, go home, sleep on it. Then arrange a second viewing a week or so later.

On that second viewing, if you walk in and all those feelings of the house being right come flooding back then it probably is.

When making such a huge decision it seems silly to follow your heart but, really, do you want to be in a house that is right only for logical reasons? It's likely that house will be with you for a long time, you need to love it so you can look after it.

I thought that the whole 'oh, I'll know' thing was just me. A real girl thing. But Ben's dad agreed with me as did my mum.

Homeowners, when you found your house did you just know? Or am I talking crap?


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