Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I was allowed giraffe-print...

We painted our bedroom black and blue/grey, our orange headboard no longer matched. Not that I'm sure it every match anything.

I've been toying with the idea of covering it for a while but really had no idea where to start. My mum offered to help so we set out to go shopping. In the fabric shop I was joking about how I wanted black and silver leopard print but Ben would kill me if I got such a thing.

Now, Ben was supposed to join us in fabric shopping but stayed in bed with a hangover. I briefly ran the giraffe print by him via text message. He reluctantly agreed but still seemed unsure. My animal-print-love was taking over...

While Ben and I cooked curry the following evening for my mum and step-dad, they covered the headboard. So I didn't actually get to do the bit I was looking forward to. However, this means I didn't have the chance to muck it up as no doubt I would've done.

So, tah-dah! The newly-covered headboard actually matches now and I feel a little bit happier with the co-ordination of the bedroom. Ben loves it too, you'll be pleased to know.


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