Monday, 13 February 2012

The computer room part II

You may remember we recently painted the computer room.

The idea was that it was a blank canvas. Simple and grey (try to edit out the blue carpet, I still hate it.) We were going to cover the walls in awards, posters, geekery and rockness.

We've got our computers in and we've finally got around to getting some gorgeousness on the walls.

We have all these grand plans for displaying my records and we want to fill the walls. We also have our eye on some Star Trek prints from Etsy. (These could potentially be our Valentine's/anniversary present to each other). The question is, do we get Picard, Riker and Data or Kirk and Spock. Decisions!

And here it is now! It looks so much better (and the computers have been set up) but there's still loads to do. My guitar needs somewhere to live, I have loads of records I want on display, I'd like a huge corner desk and perhaps some more seating.

This is a ghost of my rock past. Set lists, signatures, promo CD and vinyl sleeves and so on. To the left of the rock pinboard is the left overs from my Darkling days. I am, and always will be, a Darkness fan. But when I was 15 I was going to every gig of theirs I could get to, getting photos, collecting tickets and meeting amazing people. As a result, I've collected loads of stuff and taken loads of pics. These collages are constant reminders of what an amazing time I had, the people I met and how amazing that music makes me feel.


The wall behind where I'm standing to take this pic is bare and the room looks huge now we've moved some boxes out of it. I sort of want to leave it that way. At least it doesn't echo in there any more!

I can't help but feel that now there's stuff in here the blue carpet works better. It's also the warmest room in the house for some reason!


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