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Guest post: Home Lighting

If you are a lover of home lighting and just know that every colour has it’s own temperature and each room conveys its own feeling and emotions, then you need to be thinking about bulbs.

The relatively unsexy and lets be honest ‘dull’ light bulb is often an overlooked part of home and interior lighting design.

Technology has moved on and LED lighting has changed a lot of lighting designs.

More and more LED lit light fittings are appearing in product ranges all the time.Major UK designer Franklite confirmed their plans to me this week on Twitter: “Ultimately LED is the way to go.”

These once costly-to-make lights do make energy saving differences and their incandescence when lit is unique.

All White for 2013?

A lot of  designers are  talking about white in 2013 and how it will be incorporated into backgrounds. The Pantone charts for next year do have lots of white and crème variants. So expect to see it feature heavily in designs next year.

The excellent  Laura Bielecki is well worth looking up she did a sneak peak into design trends back in September.

White is great with LED lighting, the main difference with LED and conventional bulbs is that they emit light in one direction and not in the all round way of a standard bulb. This makes them perfect for feature focus and for softening blocks of colour in a room.

This year we saw a lot of manufactures and designers creating ranges of paired wall lighting some simple and some striking in their design. Paired lights make a great alternative to overhead lighting and lamps, and of course are ideal for the classic dimmer switch.

The materials used to make lamp shades was a big focus for designers in 2012 some exquisite frosted glass, paper and metal designs appeared. Check Out the Foscarini range to get an idea.

We can expect to see this influence filter into high streets and stores next year. In particular companies like Franklite have come up with a range of overhead lighting with large metallic shades.

Fun, whimsy and romance seem to be all part of the design vogue for next year. Somewhere along the line design and home crafts are set to meet in your home.

So have fun experimenting with lighting, one of the tricks of the trade is to draw a room map to experiment where furniture and lighting can be placed to best effect. From there you can work out how a room will actually be used and how you would like to light it.

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My name is Simon and I run from my base in Norfolk a little place called Long Stratton you have probably never heard of. We are a home lighting specialist and do all our business on line.

Our tenth anniversary is at the end of November we wanted to do something special for our customers.  From Monday the 26th November through to Saturday 24th we will be giving away lighting on our Facebook page.  


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